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Me, or Someone Like Me: I need feminism because






I shouldn’t have to be on guard, boarder line paranoid at all times walking down the street by myself in broad daylight.

That isn’t because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re an American…

You being a dude has nothing to do with me disliking you (although I love that’s your first assumption. “I have a dick! Feminists must hate be because of reasons!” No.). I dislike you because you’re an asshole who can’t see past his privilege. Maybe you should take off the dude goggles (they’re kind of like drunk goggles in the way they distort the world) and take a look around. Go read through the WNF posts and ask yourself why women are saying the same thing over and over and over and why it hurts them.

Ask yourself why you leap the conclusion that I hate you when I told you that you have privilege. Maybe think about that some more.

oh no, I don’t need to.

It’s far from a leap really to link you stating “male privilege” “Go Fuck yourself” to you hating me for being a male, really more of a small step, if that. stating my own fear of walking down a street in a shady district is far from not acknowledging my own privilege. 

I do have a dick. Feminists don’t have to hate me, I acknowledge my own privilege, and speak out against the oppression of women. Oppression in any form is wrong, including the discrimination against men in which women earn 20% more than men in the nations largest cities.


Let me break it down for you:

Your privilege (which you acknowledge) is what we call “male privilege”.

The way you phrased your initial reblog came off as shitting on women’s fear, as if gals don’t have anything to be afraid of.

Oppression in any form is wrong, including the discrimination against men in which women earn 20% more than men in the nations largest cities.

You are so funny. Men are not oppressed for being men. Ever. And gimme some stats, dude.

The way I phrased it wasn’t shitting on women’s fears, it was stating that that fear is universal, and not only applicable to women. 

You must be new here.

  • in 39 of the 50 Largest United States cities, women for the same job earn more than men.
  • For 20-somethings in america childless women make 113% of that which Childless men make.
  • Women control more than 60% of all personal wealth in the United States.
  • Women are starting their own businesses at twice the rate of men.
  • The ratio of Female to Male college graduates is reaching 3:2
  • Non-sports scholarships are overwhelmingly more available for women than for men

Anything here make it seem like you are oppressed?

I can keep going if you desire

Being so condescending must be exhausting. How do you do it? What’s your secret?

A) source those stats (also, if we’re not being oppressed, who are you speaking out in favor of? Try to be consistent).

B) Rape culture, let me introduce it to you.

Here, here are some sourced stats to support the above, from another post directed at someone else.

Apparently that 20% of all women are raped means we’re not that bad. That over half of all rapes go unreported is ok (for fear of shame, among other things). That one in three women in the military are raped is totes cool and frankly they should EXPECT to be raped. That 97% of rapists never serve jailtime is fine and not a sign that there is something deeply wrong with America. That the military and federal government protect rapists in the military/mercernaries. That we live in a culture that teaches women it’s our responsibility not to be raped (instead of teaching men NOT TO FUCKING RAPE WOMEN) means we’re not so bad. That we live in a culture that VICTIM BLAMES women who are raped is totally cool.

It would also probably be good to go re-read all of WNF. Just sayin’

C) You are trivializing women’s fear by attempting to universalize it. Concern about being mugged, sure. That’s universal. But that’s a far, far cry from the kind of low-grade fear women have to live with, pretty much all the time.

Oh please, the only condescending remark was “you must be new here”

The OP did not mention rape, that is something which you have extrapolated.

I speak out against oppression, yes but I don’t believe that women are more systemically oppressed than men.

You are the one that turned this entire debate into one about rape culture, which I am very very familiar with. Give me one example of when a man has been told it’s okay to rape someone. Just one. Men are never taught to rape. yes, rapists are not punished to the degree that you and I both believe that they should be, but that is a separate discussion. Women are educated in ways in which to reduce the likelihood of being taken advantage of. Men, contrary to popular tumblr views, are told that rape is bad, evil, and a vile act. Every man knows this, and yet it’s the evil people on the planet who continue to do it. Don’t blame society, blame the evil people who act in their own interests instead of those of others.








Your entire attitude was pretty condescending, actually.

You asked how we were oppressed. I pointed to rape culture because that is oppression (which you’d know if you weren’t wearing dude goggles).

As for systematic oppression, go re-read WNF, ffs.

Were you taught about consent? Were your male friends taught about consent? I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a massive cultural problem if dudes everywhere were.

If you walk into the conversation wanting my attitude to be condescending, you will find it as such.

Yes, I was taught about consent. My male friends were also tought about consent. People know rape is wrong, the issue is that some people simply don’t care.

Society tells every person every day that stealing is wrong, and how many people are arrested for shoplifting?

The fact is that people will do as they please, regardless of what they have been taught, because some people have no sense of morals on the issue.

through the family, the church, the school, and all aspects of my community. Rape was never approved of through anyone at all. I’ve been reading WNF, and half of them are jokes because they do not directly apply to feminism. 

However, if we are talking about singling out cases of oppression, look towards custody battles to find the oppression of males.

*sigh* We don’t have a cultural problem with shop lifting. We do have a cultural problem with rape and misogyny. Take a look at songs (there are a lot of them that revolve around forcing women somehow), at music videos, etc.

Rape culture is so much more complex than “rape is bad!”

I’ve been reading WNF, and half of them are jokes because they do not directly apply to feminism. 

ORLY? Enlighten me with your mansplaining.

Men are not oppressed for simply being men. End of story. Women are typically the primary caregivers, which, I believe, why they are much more likely to get custody. It doesn’t have anything to do with penis = loose a custody battle


I’m done with debating someone who can’t acknowledge their own privilege, or that we have a problem with shoplifting, there are approximately 27 million shoplifters in the United States currently, that seems like a bit of a cultural problem to me.

Take a look at the same songs and find where theft of vehicles and drugs are used. I’m not derailing to say that rape isn’t an issue, but it’s far from the only one, and you can’t ignore the others.

As far as custody battles go, you are enforcing the gender stereotype of females being the main caregiver. Way to go.

 In litigated cases, fathers win sole custody only a miniscule 1.6% of the time, and joint custody a pathetic 7.2% of the time. Studies show that children are better off in joint physical custodial situations. Mothers obtained sole custody 91.2% of the time in litigated cases.

^^ this is only for cases where the father is trying to get custody, and a litigated case resulted.


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